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Dr Ian microchipping Oscar the Labrador


What is Microchipping?

Microchipping is the process of implanting a tiny chip into your pet as a means of permanent

identification.  Microchips must be implanted by a Veterinarian or a recognised implanter.

The benefits to microchipping include:

- Instant identification of the animal should it become lost or stolen

- Ability for vet clinics and welfare organisations to contact the owners prior to your pet being

sent to an animal management facility (i.e Pound)

- Scenic Rim Regional Council requires all new dogs registered

to be microchipped.

- Identification is permanent, so the pet's details will always be searchable.

- A form of traceable ownership evidence.

What happens when I bring my dog in to be microchipped?

Firstly, you as the owner (over 18 years of age) will be required to fill out a microchip registration form.  This form is quite comprehensive.  It will have your address and contact details, as well as the provision of a second contact, so always have the details of a reliable second contact should you not be able to be reached.  McMahon & Gallagher Veterinary Services can always be used as a second contact.

Secondly, the dog will be scanned with a microchip scanner to make sure there are no existing chips in the dog.  If not, then a very tiny microchip will be inserted through a small needle under the pet's skin, usually between the shoulder blades. 

The Veterinarian or Implanter will then scan the chip to make sure it's reading accurately on the scanner.  Appropriate barcodes and microchip numbers are placed on the form and entered into McMahon & Gallagher Veterinary Services computer database.  A copy of this paperwork is given to you as the owner for your records and for council registration purposes.

McMahon & Gallagher Veterinary Services will retain a copy and will send the original to the Australasian Animal Registry ( to be officially registered.  The AAR will send you a registration certificate to the address supplied on the microchip form.  You can use this also for Council Registration purposes.

Lastly, you can sleep easy knowing if you pet escapes or finds it's way out of your property, the microchip will identify it and reunite it with you.