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Weight Control is the best prevention

A precursor to many serious and expensive veterinary concerns in many pets is obesity.  Little Fluffy gives you the sad puppy eyes and you give in and give him a treat.  Sure once in a while this is great, however, long term this can result in an obese and inactive dog or cat.

Excessive weight in cats and dogs can lead to such complications as:

- Osteoarthritis

- Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes

- High Blood Pressure Heart and Respiratory Disease

- Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury

- Kidney Disease

- Many Forms of Cancer

- Decreased life expectancy (up to 2.5 years)

The good news is that an educated owner is a loving owner, and we at McMahon & Gallagher Veterinary Services can educated you in the correct feeding of your pet.  Sometimes you think you are doing the best for Fluffy with making their own food, and this can be true, but dogs and cats are complex animals that need certain proteins nutritionally and others not so much. 

Cats and dogs are very different physiologically to humans.  So nutrients and minerals and additives that we consider vital to our health, are not so vital or even harmful to our pets.  Come into our clinic and talk to one of our Pet Nutritional Advocates to see how your pet's current diet measure's up and to discuss ways to improve this within your budget and to suit your lifestyle.

We always recommend feeding your pets a balanced dry food.  Of course, being Veterinarians and Nurses we can't recommend Hills Science Diet enough for providing this and at a reasonably affordable price.  When fed correctly, you will find the food lasting longer, your pets health increasing and the cost paid on par with your supermarket brands.

For pets already in the overweight category (or on their way) we are lucky enough to have a range of products to help.  A new diet we are very excited about is Hills Metabolic.  It's more than just a light food.  This food helps alter your pet's metabolic system to process food differently and to help turn off "I'm hungry all the time" receptors.

Come into the clinic to discuss this range and how convenient it is, especially when you have multiple pets and don't have the time to be feeding them separately or monitoring who's eating what.  Hills Metabolic is your answer.